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S.O.R.M was founded in the end of April 2017 and has in a short period of time done a quick journey throughout Sweden with plenty of gigs and shows. The idea of S.O.R.M was in the beginning a one time show project, but the members themselves wanted to continue after they retrieved a great response from the audience. The ball was set in motion.

Ever since the beginning S.O.R.M has made a whole lot of club gigs around Sweden on the club scene, and acted as an opening act for Corroded and Transport League as well as getting invited on the 2018 issue of Adrenaline Cruise with bigger acts such as Lillasyster, Smash into Pieces, Dead By April, Sparzansa, and Adept among others.

S.O.R.M deliver power and heavy energy, we want to make every appearance as unique as possible. When we’re on stage we make sure everyone is invited and take part of the party that’s going on!
Our passion lies in the naked, heavy, and raw.

Our songs breathes classic hard rock, old and new coming together with a surge of energy. We find our inspiration from the classic elements of hard rock, rock, grunge, blues and of course rock ‘n’ roll. Every ingredient to spice things up in our song creation process.

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