January Update 2020

We’ve added a bunch of new shows to the tour schedule. We’re also happy to give you this new and easier to use website. Less is more someone once said, and right now I’m agreeing. So less clutter for you to lay your eyes on.

I’m in the process of making this website more useful for our fans, and will soon introduce a fan only area, where our Patreons (which is currently being setup and reviewed) will find exclusive content from the band. More on this when we launch that part.

As of right now I have closed down the webshop. It will be reopened once I have made it work better and easier with the website, until then you are more then welcome to place your order via Facebook, Instagram or just get in touch with anyone in the band, as always the merchandise is always available on all our live shows.

While the website is almost a 100% complete we’re always looking for new stuff to put here. If you spot any errors or have suggestions, send me an email to jakkieeast@gmail.com


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