Swedish Heavy Rock trio S.O.R.M to reissue “Hellraiser” EP and premieres brand new video!

Sweden’s very own @sormsweden just announced to reissue their outstanding debut EP, “Hellraiser”, on December 4th 2020 via Noble Demon. Combining the best elements of contemporary and traditional hard rock and heavy metal, and being known for their high energetic and powerful sound, swinging grooves and fuzzy guitar virtuosity, S.O.R.M’s 2018 debut EP confirmed the band’s place as an act capable of appealing to a wide heavy music audience.
Now, this is not just another reissue, “Hellraiser” has also been entirely re-recorded, as vocalist & guitarist,

Micke Holm, tells us:
“We have decided to take down our EP „Hellraiser“ from digital services. We think that ‘Hellraiser’ deserves to be released properly! So, we are re-releasing it again but through Noble Demon. Johan has also re-recorded the bass and we also recorded some organ on all the songs. You will see and hear quite a change on ‘Hellraiser’ this time. We also recorded a cover song but you guys need to wait until we release the re-recorded ‘Hellraiser’ EP. Hope to see you all soon”

Furthermore and to celebrate S.O.R.M’s upcoming re-release in glorious style, the band is proud to premiere a brand new video clip for the hook laden track “Gypsy Queen”, streaming right here:

Says the band about the song:
“GYPSY QUEEN is about how you sometimes get lowered in a relationship by a lady who can control you with just her hands, like a Gypsy.”

1. Gypsy Queen
2. Brick by Brick
3. Hellraiser
4. House of the Rising Sun

“Hellraiser” is slated to be reissued on December 4th with Noble Demon, and on the official landing- page you can NOW already give permission to have the release saved to your library or added to your playlist as soon as it’s out. No need to embark your calender anymore!

You will also find videos streaming and links to physical retailers here:

S.O.R.M are:
Micke Holm – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Robin Wernebratt – Drums
Johan Östman – Bass

For more info visit:


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